PLAYR Is Now Available In America

We’re heading stateside!

From the soccer stars of South Carolina to players in Pennsylvania, every state in America will be able to get their hands on the GPS soccer technology making the beautiful game smarter. Following our successful launch in the UK and Ireland, we couldn’t wait to bring PLAYR to the U.S.

With teams such as LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders and Portland Thorns using Catapult Sports’ technology, players at every level will now be able to benefit from the sports tracking and science professional teams use. Distance covered, top speed, total sprints, load, intensity and a personal heat map is just some of the data readily available to users, while Premier League coaches tailor expertise to you based on your numbers. How you prepare, perform and recover from a training session or match will mirror the world’s very best players thanks to PLAYR.

Whether you’re a student athlete wanting to take your game to the next level, an aspiring professional looking to get an edge over your opponents or simply just want to improve your game and get the insights professional players rely on, then PLAYR is for you.

If you love the beautiful game half as much as we do, why not get yours now? You can find out more about PLAYR here while our customer service team are happy to take any of your questions.

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