PLAYR Makes Melbourne Debut

Having launched PLAYR down under earlier in July, we decided to hold an exclusive event in Melbourne after a great deal of interest in our technology.

With the likes of FTBL, LocalFC and a number of influencers keen for a kickabout and a chance to use the technology making the beautiful game smarter, we decided to host an exclusive afternoon at Flagstaff Gardens. A-League side Melbourne Victory FC kicked things off with a sports science session before those in attendance received an introduction to PLAYR.  Fully kitted out in our technology, we then got down to business with a futsal match, but according to our Australia sales manager Lennart van Zeelst, this is just the start.

“The response I’ve got from all the players I’ve spoken with here in Australia has been overwhelming,” van Zeelst says. “Most have seen this technology used only at the elite levels of football so they can’t wait to get their hands on PLAYR and access some of the same tools and insights that the pros use to improve performance. Australians are very passionate about sports and they hold a special place for athletes.

“There’s a fantastic environment for coaches, players and teams to perform at their absolute best and Australians have been the first to recognise that sports science is an essential part of this.  It’s for these reasons that we at Catapult Sports have introduced PLAYR. We’ve already seen our technology at the foundation of success for some of those elite football clubs and players, while we’re convinced it can be used to help players at any level in football.

“It’s been a real honour to have such a fantastic mix of people join us from all these different corners of football,” he adds. “Sports scientists, football players, journalists, podcasters, vloggers, bloggers –  it’s fantastic to see so many different disciplines wanting to get involved with PLAYR.”

Take a look at what some of the publications have said about our technology while you can purchase PLAYR here.

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