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Catapult One is a sport tracking solution that measures the core metrics to make you a better player

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Based on thousands of players, these are the average improvements after 3 months of using Catapult One

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Improve the metrics that matter

Track and improve the core metrics that make you a better player such as as total distance, sprint distance, top speed and more.

Play smarter with targets

Aim for personalized targets based on your session type and schedule to optimize your performance and recovery.

Increase tactical awareness

Use heatmaps and directional tracking of runs to understand and improve your on-field positioning and tactics.


Find out where you rank across core metrics in your age group and the world.

See your progress

Follow your trends to monitor your improvement, and benchmark versus your personal bests.

Powered by technology the pros use

Data you can trust.
Designed for football.

Catapult One uses 10Hz GPS.

That's ten times more data points than Apple Watch so you can detect rapid movements in football, ensuring you get the most accurate picture of your performance.

Catapult in action

We're already helping thousands of players around the globe to improve their game.

Catapult One

  • Track and analyse important metrics such as total distance, sprint distance, top speed, and more
  • Visual heat maps to understand where you have spent time on the pitch to improve tactical awareness
  • Access training exercises designed by pro coaches to increase performance of core metrics or maximise the off-season
  • Pause your subscription for a month if you are injured to give yourself time to heal

For teams, academies & camps


$265 per player, per year

Everything in Catapult One plus access to the team dashboard, including:

  • In-depth view of full team performance through a web-based dashboard complete with reporting tools
  • Compare players within the same position, choose the best team to win games, and see improvement over a whole season
  • Monitor player workload and intensity to monitor over or under training to reduce the risk of injuries

Trusted By the Pros

Designed and manufactured by Catapult, Catapult One builds on scientific and technological expertise developed over more than 15 years working with the best teams in the world.