Optimising your soccer matchday preparation

If you’re going to perform at your best on matchday, you need to get your preparation right during the week. That’s where Catapult One can help.

Peak performance

From the Premier League to Sunday League, players at all levels are using GPS trackers to make sure their performance is peaking when matchday comes around.

At Newcastle United, GPS technology is an essential part of the weekly training cycle as the team builds towards games. As Jamie Harley, Newcastle’s Head of Sports Science, says, “GPS has become such a key part of what we do in training, the equipment is just part of the kit the players wear.”


Catapult One Tip: The key to effective monitoring is to establish positive habits. By making Catapult One an essential part of your kit–just like runners and cyclists do with Strava–you can build up a good amount of data and start to understand how hard you’re working and where you can improve.

Tailored preparation

By closely monitoring each training session, Newcastle can begin to understand the type of work that gets the best out of players on matchday.

“What we’re able to do is map the whole training week to see what’s happening on a matchday,” Jamie explains. “Now, when we’ve had the most positive physical performances in games, we’re able to build up what works for each individual player and understand what their best preparation for a game is.”

Catapult One can help you monitor your training week like the pros. By tracking your physical progression in the app, you can start to understand the type of training that puts you in a position to succeed on matchday. This can help you to plan your training weeks more effectively and be at your best when it matters most.

Catapult One Tip: Listen to the smart targets in the Catapult One app. These are designed to make sure you do the right amount of work in training to optimise your performance on game day.

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