Trusted by the world’s top teams, Catapult One is the ultimate tracking tool, for players and coaches at all levels.

Elevate your team’s training, mitigate injury risks, improve player communications, and improve strategic positioning.

Benchmark Your Players

Know where your athletes are at and revisit their stats throughout the season.

Keep Your Players Safe

Optimize training schedules, reduce injury risks, and watch for burnout.

Track Key Metrics

Focus on the 3-4 metrics that matter most in 10 minutes or less.

Share Across Teams

Share devices with other teams to maximize usage throughout the school year.

Train Like the Pros

Catapult technology has been used by elite teams for over a decade, including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund and Ajax.

Speak With Our Team

Our team will quickly help and support you with any questions or issues.