Season Review 2019/20

PLAYR helps footballers improve. And we have the stats to prove it. 

Over the past year, thousands of you have used PLAYR technology to take your game to the next level. To celebrate our first birthday, we’ve taken a look at all the data that’s been generated to showcase some of the best stories from the PLAYR community.

Tracking your top speed, distance covered, power plays and sprint distance has been an adventure. We’ve come across the highs and lows of your training, the celebrations and commiserations of your games. 

One thing that’s become very clear, is those of you who used PLAYR for three consecutive months saw definite improvements; an average improvement of 3.54% in top speed, 11.7% in distance covered, 25% in power plays, and an impressive 26.1% increase in the highly coveted sprint distance metric. 

We found some geographical surprises for the fastest male players; Hong Kong has on average, the fastest male players (average speed of 7.41m/s), followed by Croatia, Mexico and Malta. Three of the four Women’s World Cup semi-finalists feature in the top four countries with the fastest female players; the Netherlands, Sweden, and champions USA. However, it is Saudi Arabia that wins gold for the fastest female players on average (6.22m/s) – and they don’t even have a women’s national team. 

Explore our 2019 season review, including most popular days for training, what country the most PLAYR users are from, who the most popular ‘matched-with’ professional player is, and much more…

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