The Cost of Injury

Whatever level we’re at, being sidelined with injury is one of the most frustrating aspects of playing football.

One of the main reasons for using PLAYR is to manage our training levels and reduce our risk of injury. The same is true of professional players who use Catapult – our elite technology – to monitor their training load and make sure that they’re in the best possible shape on match day.

At the top level, where the financial stakes are highest, injuries can come with significant cost as well as having a negative impact on the performance of the team on the pitch.

Catapult recently teamed up with 21st Club–a football intelligence agency trusted by the biggest teams in the game–to measure the cost of injury to Premier League clubs in both financial and performance terms.

For example, did you know:

  • Players missed a total of 18,230 days through injury in the Premier League last season
  • The average cost of an injury in the Premier League is an estimated £200k in wages
  • A 10% increase in a club’s injured wage bill equates to a point lost over the course of a season
  • Tottenham suffered the most key high-quality player injuries last season, with Erik Lamela, Harry Kane and Dele Alli all missing over 30% of the campaign
  • According to 21st Club’s Player Ratings, Kevin De Bruyne and Alexis Sanchez were the two highest-quality players to be sidelined for more than 45% of the season

Interested in finding out more? You can read the full Cost of Injury report here.

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