Train Like Aston Villa | Gaffer Runs

Have you got what it takes to meet the demands of a professional footballers training regime? The ‘Gaffer Runs’ have been part of professional training programmes for years. Professional footballers are expected to perform each of the Gaffer Runs in 15 seconds, but the best can complete in 13 seconds.

Typically performed at the end of a training session, this 4 minute blow out will help develop your aerobic capacity as well as your repeated sprint ability. Follow in the footsteps of some of the top teams in the country and see if you have what it takes to match the demands of the Premier League.

The sequence is as follows:

-Start on the edge of the 18 yard box

-Sprint to the edge of the other 18 yard box

-Turn and sprint to the halfway line to finish.

-Rest 30 seconds

-Repeat 6 times

FEELING FIT? Increase the number of runs to 8, but increase the recovery to 45 seconds between runs.

Give it a go yourself, and see if you have the basic fitness required to train with the first team. Don’t forget to tag @playrbycatapult on Instagram or Facebook to let us know how you performed.

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