Train Like Newcastle United | Endurance

Newcastle United’s Head of Sport Science, Jamie Harley, is here to provide you with three drills directly from Newcastle’s training ground to improve your endurance.

The first drill is called 10-15-35 Fartleks, and this uses a 60 x 30m area of grass, four cones (or alternatives) and a ball. This drill will help to improve three things; your speed with the ball, your overall endurance capacity, and your acceleration out of a turn.

Using the cones as guides, you will run:
10s at 100% with the ball
15s at 75% without the ball
35s at 50% without the ball

You will repeat the above five times to finish one set. Aim to do three sets with a two minute rest between sets.


The second drill is called Star Runs, and is a drill adapted by Jens Bangsbo. This is great to develop your speed endurance when training on your own at home as it doesn’t need any special equipment, just access to a football pitch and a ball.

Watch the video for the full explanation of how to complete one repetition of the Star Run. You will do six reptitions in total, with a 90 second rest between each.


The third drill is called 15:15 Interval Runs, and is designed to improve your overall football fitness such as your stamina, strength and starting speed.

The drill consists of running 80m for 15 seconds, with 15 seconds rest. You’ll do these in straight runs as well as variations with mulitple turns to improve your acceleration out of the turn. Jamie perfectly explains how to do this drill in the video so watch to find out more.

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