What Is A SmartPod? 

It’s hard to believe that so much can fit into such a small device. Whether it be capturing 1250 data points a second to an accuracy nearest to 100cm, the SmartPod is the pebble-sized device ready to transform your game – but what does it do?

Let’s start with the primary function: giving you total analysis of your game. The modern game has become reliant on technology to ensure professional players are in peak physical condition and get performance analysis, and while such innovation hasn’t been a secret in football, devices like the SmartPod have been exclusively available to the elite for some time. From how far you run, your top speed and the intensity of exercise all the way through to a GPS heat map, every aspect of your game will be laid bare.

While insight into a single training exercise or match can reveal a great deal about your performance, monitoring your statistics and trends throughout the course of a season can highlight areas you need to work on and underline strengths – below is a list of everything the SmartPod measures.

  • Distance covered
  • Top speed
  • Sprint distance
  • Number of sprints
  • Intensity
  • Load
  • Number of power moves
  • GPS heat map

Once you’ve synchronised your SmartPod with the PLAYR app on your mobile, you’ll then have receive sports science advice tailored to your position, how you played and the numbers you produced. From what to eat post-match all the way through to how many hours of sleep you should get, your preparation, performance and recovery will mirror that of a professional’s.

Knowing your game data is one thing, but then being able to compare to friends, the wider community and professional players is something only PLAYR can offer. The data the SmartPod captures can be benchmarked against the world’s very best players so you can see how you measure up and truly test yourself.

Learn more about the SmartPod here.

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