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Help your players stand out from the competition.

Across the U.S., there are about 16,000 high school football teams and over 1 million individual players nationwide. College programs have become inundated by highlights and outreach, having to sort through thousands of potential prospects every year to build their recruiting pipeline.

Game tape isn’t enough anymore. To stand out, players and their coaches need to make sure they’re sending the right information to make their case and get seen.

Catapult offers a direct pipeline between your player data and hundreds of college programs.

By using Catapult One, coaches also gain access to our innovative recruiting platform, Catapult Scout.

Free to all Catapult users, Catapult Scout connects your Catapult One performance data with top college programs, while also providing you with direct access to our dedicated team of scouting specialists, who can help to assess player potential, design tailored plans, boost player visibility and enhance your athletes’ chances of getting recruited.

Learn how Catapult Scout connects your players with top programs

Catapult One’s wearable sports tech already allows coaches to collect key metrics on their teams, such as top speed, player load, acceleration and deceleration — helping them to set standards, keep players safe, track accountability and drive improvement.

By connecting your data with Catapult Scout, you gain access to even more.

Collect player data

Download player performance reports

Send information to Catapult’s scouts

Build a plan

Get seen

Once Catapult’s scouts have the information they need, they’ll work with you to provide feedback, advocate for you and your team and recommend ways to optimally package up metrics, game tape and more so that your players are set up for success throughout the recruiting process.

Catapult Scout levels the playing field.

Catapult Scout is the industry’s most complete and in-depth library of player and team recruiting content, produced by a dedicated staff of former leading coaches and industry experts who can directly share your Catapult One player data with top programs across the country.

As more teams adopt Catapult’s technology, this provides everyone with validated metrics and an unbiased way to identify who’s ready to play at the next level — no matter where they are.

Hear from Catapult’s recruiting experts

Listen in as J.P. Gunter, Scouting Director for the Carolinas and Texas at Catapult Scout, shares how coaches can leverage their Catapult One data to get players recruited.

Gunter brings extensive experience across football as an all-conference player, Division I coach and Director of Recruiting and Player Personnel.

In this series, he covers how metrics have changed the recruitment process, how performance tracking can enhance players’ chances of getting seen, strategies for making the most of the tech-to-scout pipeline and what he sees for the future of college football recruiting.

Check out the clips below to learn more!

EP1: How metrics have changed the game

EP2: How performance tracking enhances opportunities

EP3: How to help players on the road to recruitment

EP4: What the future holds for college recruiting

Unleash player potential. Unleash opportunity.

Catapult’s scouts are in the business of keeping everyone informed, setting realistic expectations and helping players reach the highest level possible.

When you combine Catapult One’s performance management with Catapult Scout’s recruiting experts, you have a truly powerful and simple solution to help your players make the most of their high school careers and open up future opportunities to play at the next level.

By connecting the dots between your data, our scouts and hundreds of college programs, you can set your players up for success and help unleash your team’s potential.

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